Dashboard Confessional and The Rejects deliver everything you didn’t know you needed on a Friday night!

Several studies have outlined the benefits tied to Himalayan Salt Lamps: helping with anxiety, reducing stress, purifying, relieve migraines… these salt lamps have been sworn to boost moods, helping users live a happier life. Perhaps this is why Dashboard Confessional lines their stage with them? Perhaps they just enjoy the feng shui vibe. One thing we know for sure? When the Salt Lamps are brought out, paired with the calming aroma of lit incense (was it Sandalwood, boys?) — our lives are seconds away from getting a whole lot happier. 

It may be ironic, to boast about increase happiness while discussing bands that helped define “emo” as we knew and loved it. This is 2017, after all. And “emo” has gotten a whole lot brighter. 

In recent years, several memorable tours rocked the ‘emo community.’ Dashboard teamed up with Third Eye Blind in 2015, Jimmy Eat World and The Used headlined a Taste Of Chaos festival in 2016. Brand New made an epic comeback to feature The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me in full for a select lucky number of cities across the US. It seems as though even as our generation ages, one thing for certain: we’re all still just emo kids at heart, hopelessly waiting for My Chemical Romance’s reunion announcement… 

Until then, Dashboard Confessional has been doing a phenomenal job biding our time. Earlier this year, they announced they’d be teaming up with The All-American Rejects to give us an incredible experience and one absolutely unforgettable night, unlike any Dashboard performances you may have seen before. 

The tour kicked off in California, night two in San Francisco’s Masonic. They are joined on stage (for the first half of the tour) by The Social Animals — a newer band out of Duluth, Minnesota. Lead by lead vocalist Dedric Clark, these boys are gearing up to release their sophomore EP, coined Early Twenties due sometime this year and we cannot wait to hear it! Most impressive is their pluck to tackle on Prince’s “When Doves Cry,” which they adapt beautifully in the middle of their set. 

It doesn’t get much more emo than telling someone you are “crushed by a former love” and to “swing” from the tangled remains… but that’s exactly why we love The All-American Rejects and their first hit, which made it’s way to our airwaves way back in 2002. The band kicked off their set hard, inaudibly announcing: we’re back! And the crowd accepted them as if it hadn’t been a near five years since their last tour (okay, it wasn’t. Remember the Taste Of Chaos festival we mentioned from 2015? They were there. and AAR was as amazing as ever). 

Tyson Ritter flirted with the excited crowd, going from “Swing, Swing” to “Fallin’ Apart,” a track off of their 2008 When The World Comes Down which was an absolute delight to hear live as it’s always been one of our personal favorites! 

“How does it feelto be watching us as adults now?” Ritter teases the crowd, not being shy in the least bit with the hiatus The All-American Rejects took to focus on themselves. They return stronger than ever, having just put out two amazing new singles: “Sweat” and “Close Your Eyes,” both which made their second-ever live debut tonight. 

The band is full of smiles as they joke on stage that their own music is like a blast from the past, painting vivid pictures of college dorm walls (or even your bedroom at your parents… I was only 12 in 2002 when AAR first hit the scene) and days not forgotten. Tyson shares his own pang of nostalgia: a story of his first ever concert… The Anniversary with openers, Dashboard Confessional. The band powered through an amazing set list of all their best, including a song that many may have never heard of: “There’s A Place” off of the motion picture soundtrack for “Miss You Already” starring none other than Tyson Ritter himself. This beautiful, heartbreaking slow song was performed with palpable emotion from the band and fit right in with the general vibe of the evening. 

Oh, the salt lamps. 

After a short intermission, the stage is prepared for Dashboard in a similar fashion to those who have been lucky enough to see Dashboard Confessional perform before. Salt lamps are placed at the foot of where each of them is to stand, decorating the stage which features a vintage, pillowy looking backdrop. Tonight is by far the largest production we’ve had the pleasure of seeing Dashboard Confessional in… but here’s the thing about Dashboard Confessional: regardless of the venue, Chris Carrabba has an incredibly unique ability to make you feel as though you’re the only one there in the room being sung to. Take it from someone fortunate enough to have caught Dashboard at a number of events in the past few years: massive outdoor amphitheaters for the Taste Of Chaos tour, the small and intimate Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco or the even smaller Independent bar/venue where Carrabba played just months ago with his other project Twin Forks. It hardly matters the setting. Dashboard Confessional is committed to making each and every performance unique, personal and unforgettable. 

The band take the stage and show they’re not wasting time. They begin immediately with fan favorite, “Vindicated,” which we all know and love from the Spiderman soundtrack back in 2004. The show is begun in such a fashion that some three-thousand fans are singing along so loudly that Carrabba can take a step back from the microphone and allow the song to carry on flawlessly. Guitarist Armon Jay, bassist Scott Schoenbeck, and drummer Ben Homola each have such a memorable presence on stage, leaving no doubt in our minds that there is absolutely nowhere else these men would rather be, even as Chris informally addresses the crowd with a casual “hey… thanks for listening.” 

It wouldn’t be a Dashboard show without some one-on-one with Carrabba and he never fails to disappoint. He performs a few of Dashboard’s most memorable songs acoustically: “Ghost Of A Good Thing” and a new song titled “Heart Beat Here” which Chris has been playing experimentally recording the fans singing it back live, sharing his plans to include the fans on Dashboard’s newest upcoming album. 

“This next song’s about…” Carrabba is cut off by an enthusiastic fan screaming her heart out and jokes, “Oh yeah? I love that one!” He mimics, teasing how could she know and yet following it up with a smug…but totally suave and pulled-off grin, “Nah, you know [you love it]” before kicking off “The Places You Have Come to Fear The Most.”

The sentiment is never wasted with Carrabba who shares how grateful he is for the fans who have allowed him to be a part of something special. “And by that.. I mean you,” he says just before explaining his plans to mix the fans on “Heart Beat Here.” He shares that over the past year he’s been asking fans to sing along, for this experiment and if it sounds terrible… he promises it won’t be our fault. “I’ve heard it. It’s tremendous,” he says with a glimmer in his eye, and you know that he means it, singing his heart out to this new, intimate song. As he hits high notes many vocalists can only dream of and holds the notes in perfect pitch for well over a minute if not two. It’s as impressive as they come, enough to bring goosebumps and/or tears to those witnessing such raw and emotional talent. 

You guys wanna sing the lead? I’ll sing back up…

It is so apparent that tonight is for the fans. As the band joins Chris back on stage, they continue through their impressive nearly 20-year catalog of songs. With a single chord, the fans cheer for each and every song, one after another. The stage illuminates from purples to golds, looking regal and yet… as the band kicks off into “Remember To Breathe,” Carrabba is hardly shy as he sneaks in a Justin Bieber cover of “Love Yourself,” to the end of the song. 

The night is closed out by the one and only “Hands Down,” but not until after Carrabba has had the opportunity to gush about how important his band members are. “These are my friends… I dreamed of playing in a band with them for a decade. Every night is a dream. This is the best drummer and I can’t believe I’ve got him to be in my band,” he says in a full genuine confession, pointing back to Ben and taking moments to also mention how many bands Scott has been in, including The Promise Ring to which Carrabba says, “if you don’t know The Promise Ring, you’re not emo-ring correctly.” and of course, last but not least, AJ’s very own solo project by his own name which he recently released an album under Del Rio which deserves to be checked out here: http://armonjay.com/ 

To commemorate their tour, Dashboard and The Rejects decided to treat fans with covers of their biggest hits. You can catch Dashboard’s cover of “Move Along” and The Rejects take on “Hands Down,” on Consequence of Sound!


Check out our photo gallery from the night here! 

Be sure not to miss this epic tour as they make their way through North America. Check out the remaining tour dates below! 

Dashboard Confessional and The All-American Rejects 2017 Tour Dates:

07/17 – Boise, ID @ Outlaw Field at the Idaho Botanical Garden
07/17 – Sandy, UT @ Sandy Amphitheater
07/21 – Maplewood, MN @ Myth
07/22 – Council Bluffs, IA @ Harrah’s Casino
07/23 – Saint Louis, MO @ The Pageant

07/25 – Columbus, OH @ Express Live
07/26 – Detroit, MI @Fillmore Detroit
07/29 – Big Flats, NY @ Tags
07/30 – Bethlehem, PA @ Sands Bethlehem Event Center
08/03 – New York, NY @ Central Park SummerStage
08/04 – Mashantucket, CT @ The Grande Theater at Foxwood Resort Casino
08/05 – Gilford, NH @ Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion at Meadowbrook
08/06 – Boston, MA @ Blue Hills Bank Pavilion
08/08 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE
08/09 – Philadelphia, PA @ Festival Pier
08/10 – Vienna, VA @ Wolf Trap
08/12 – Nashville, TN @ Ascend Amphitheater
08/13 – Charlotte, NC @ Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre
08/15 – Highland Park, IL @ Ravinia
08/16 – Indianapolis, IN @ Indiana State Fair

Dashboard Confessional and The All-American Reject’s amazing co-headlining summer tour kicks off today in California!

We’ve all been anxiously awaiting new music from DC, whose last record was their 2009 Alter The Ending. Last year, we got the beautiful track “May,” but DC have been teasing new material on the road for some time now! Lead singer Chris Carrabba has been flirting with various outlets, taunting the fact that there is no “shortage of songs,” with a near 40 available to pick from for a new record.. on the other hand, Carrabba has said he’s still writing and intends to as long as inspiration still surrounds him! 

Sounds like Dashboard is gearing up for their best release yet. You can check out their 2016 track “May” down below. 

As for The All-American Rejects… who could miss the band’s return with their 10-minute short film premiering “Sweat” and “Close Your Eyes.” TWO of the six rumored brand new tracks. Who else is excited to sing along to the new taste of AAR? Who else can’t wait for the show and the chance to hear unreleased material from both bands?

Be sure to catch DC and AAR as they make their way to a city near you. The bands will be touring with support from The Social Animals or The Maine in select cities. 

7/13 Costa Mesa, CA Pacific Amphiheatre
7/14 San Francisco, CA Masonic Auditorium w/ Social Animals
7/15 Las Vegas, NV The Pearl Concert Theater w/ Social Animals
7/17 Boise, ID Idaho Botanical Garden w/ Social Animals
7/18 Sandy, UT Sandy City Amphitheater w/ Social Animals
7/21 St. Paul, MN Myth w/ Social Animals
7/22 Council Bluffs, IA Stir Cove at Harrah’s Casino w/ Social Animals
7/23 St. Louis, MO The Pageant w/ Social Animals

7/25 Columbus, OH Express Live! w/ The Maine
7/26 Detroit, MI Fillmore Detroit w/ The Maine
7/29 Big Flats, NY Tag’s Summer Soundstage w/ The Maine
7/30 Bethlehem, PA Sands Bethlehem Event Center w/ The Maine
8/3 New York, NY Central Park Summer Stage w/ The Maine
8/4 Mashantucket, CT Foxwoods Resort Casino – Grand Theater w/ The Maine
8/5 Gilford, NH Bank of New Hampshire Pavillion w/ The Maine
8/6 Boston, MA Blue Hills Bank Pavilion w/ The Maine
8/8 Pittsburgh, PA Stage AE w/ The Maine
8/9 Philadelphia, PA Festival Pier w/ The Maine
8/10 Vienna, VA Wolf Trap w/ The Maine
8/12 Nashville, TN Ascend Amphitheater w/ The Maine
8/13 Charlotte, NC Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre w/ The Maine
8/15 Highland Park, IL Ravinia Festival

Dashboard Confessional hit us with some beautiful nostalgia

“This song is about the best day of my life. I hope you’ve had one tonight.” 

The show ends with the band’s performance of “Hands Down,” the song which has only matured since it’s release. It is a powerful three minutes, as Dashboard adds a twist to the song, adding a guitar solo and the words, “I still know that you meant it” which only serves to remind us that even though we have all grown up…it has been together. 

There comes a time where most of us look back to high school and reminisce about the ‘glory days.’ For almost all of us, these memories are not complete without a throwback compilation of all your favorite high school hits. It is becoming more and more rare for bands to be able to boast about being around for five years – ten years – twenty years seems unheard of. Which is why Dashboard Confessional is in a league of their own. The band is nearing their 18 year anniversary (albeit a short hiatus back from 2011 to 2016). And it is no surprise that they effortlessly sold out The Fillmore for their show Thursday night in San Francisco.

By some unwritten law, but one abided by many — you cannot simply hear the opening chords to “Vindicated” and not be prepared to sing along at the top of your lung capacity. This is exactly what is to be expected from the crowd Thursday night as they pour in to the historic Fillmore to escape the rain.

It’s just hours into February (though you wouldn’t believe it by the mass amounts of Valentine-studded propaganda that has decorated retailers since mid-January) and as typically associated with the entire month, love is in the air. It’s safe to say tonight, Dashboard Confessional has Stolen our hearts with ease. There is absolutely no better way to combat this overly-saturated, in-your-face, romance-driven time of year than with songs informally labeled as ’emo.’ The entire genre was built around heartbreak, around unrequited love, loss and the void of happiness. Dashboard Confessional have been kings of this ’emo’ crowd since the start.


The night begins with the acoustic-rock duo This Wild Life who share with us that tonight is their first performance in San Francisco despite the fact that they reside not too far from the Bay Area in Long Beach, California. Frontman Kevin Jordan and guitarist/percussionist Anthony Del Grosso may be the only two members of the band, but they have a huge stage presence, winning the crowd over early on with a cover of Blink 182‘s “First Date” where Kevin changes around the lyrics to mock his facial hair — Do you like my stupid beard?

Mid-set list, Kevin shares with the crowd an intimate story about being gifted one of his first guitars. His girlfriend at the time, he explains, bought him a guitar with only one condition…he had to learn a song. Not just any song, no. The request was to learn a track off of the first album ever released from none other than Dashboard themselves. You guessed it — the song was ‘Screaming Infidelities’ and Kevin lights up as he recollects his memories and shares his disbelief that today, here he is, sharing a stage with the very same men.

“We got a call that said…cancel the remaining dates of your tour. You’re going on a national tour with Dashboard Confessional!”

Imagine being told you’re going to be working with your idols? We can’t even begin to grasp the euphoric high that must linger with This Wild Life every night they take the stage as the opening act for one of the very same bands that helped kickstart their passion, their career itself.

The personal sentiment is never once lost on us as Kevin shares with us the meaning behind their track, ‘No More Bad Days,’ which was written for his mother. “This song is very special to me…” he begins, explaining her year through chemotherapy, and describing her as, quote, an “unstoppable fucking woman.” He wrote the track as a means to show his gratitude for her strength, for being their for his family despite her own struggles, for never giving up.

The band near the end of their setlist with the introductory track off their latest 2014 release, Clouded titled “Concrete” before awakening the crowd as Anthony sits behind a drum kit for their final track, “Better With You.”


After a very short intermission, Vinyl Theatre, indie rockers from Milwaukee take the stage. These Fueled By Ramen artist start things off strong, their high energy permeating throughout the venue as they treat the crowd to two new tracks, “My Fault” which features pianist Chris Senner on an honest to God keytar and “Day In And Day Out.” New music from these guys is highly overdue — their debut release having came out back in 2014. 

But despite the two year gap, the band fades into “Shine On” off of their Electrogram album and another new one, titled “30 Seconds” which lead singer Keegan Calmes blends beautifully with familiar lyrics from another coined ‘emo’ band: The Killers. Lyrics to “All These Things That I’ve Done” are sang along to as the venue bleeds a beautiful array of lights from blue to purple to yellow and reds. 

This is when Vinyl Theatre gives us the news many has been waiting for, the announcement of their new album which Keegan jokes it’ll drop in a week or so “…buy it, steam it, steal it…whatever it is you guys do, just promise to give it a listen.” 

After powering through two more tracks (“Breaking Up My Bones” and another new one, “New Machines”) Keegan jokes with the crowd… “I’d hate to be putting you guys to sleep.” he teases, looking out to the crowd, “but I say that as we go into a slow song…” The band treats us to a familiar track, Coldplay’s very own “Fix You” which is sung with such beautiful, raw emotion, the band definitely did justice to this incredible track. 

They end their set with three more tracks, including their late 2015 single, “Gold.” For those in the crowd who may not have previously heard of Vinyl Theatre (and we’ll admit, we hadn’t listened to too much of their work) one thing can be certain: when their album drops next week, you can guarantee it’ll make it’s way to my speakers. These guys are extremely talented, Keegan’s vocals are far too impressive to put into words. With musical influences such as Death Cab for Cutie, you might expect things on an easier, more lax side. But this was not the case. The band’s energy never faltered, the three of them always in sync as they jammed through a blend of new and old… There was no question as to why they’ve toured with acts such as Twenty One Pilots or why they’re accompanying Dashboard. They put on an amazing set and we can only anticipate their new release and their eventual headlining tour. Expect great things. We’re warning you now — keep your eye out. 


For a band that needs no introduction… Dashboard Confessional take the stage, which is decorated in small Himalayan natural salt crystal lamps. The crowd is beyond ready as the band kick things off immediately from songs recorded and adored over 15 years ago… “The Good Fight” and “Saints and Sailors” off of their 2001 release, The Places You’ve Come To Fear The Most

It is impossible for a second to mistake that after 17 years as a band that things have become routine. This couldn’t be further from the actual truth for Dashboard Confessional, frontman Chris Carrabba makes his presence known around the entire length of the stage, back and forth with each of his band mates, the four of them smiling from ear-to-ear as they perform together, guitar strings to guitar strings and foreheads pressed together, the definition of ‘jam session’ as pure joy and elation simply drip from their pores. 

The band flirts with strobe lights in their set as they go from the introductory track “Get Me Right” off of 2009’s Alter The Ending and the closing track, “Several Ways To Die Trying” off of 2003’s A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar. 

We’re only a third of a way into the set when we’re treated with fan favorite, “Stolen” which is performed, dare I say, even better than the recorded track released over a decade ago. The show is slowed only momentarily, Carrabba addressing the crowd as old friends who have been through so much together, because in a way, we have. He starts off…

“I don’t know how you guys feel about things [happening in the world right now], but this…tonight. This right here feels good.” 

He touches base on how the previous weeks in America, things have gone sadly askew. “Things feel fucked up,” Carrabba admits. He tells the crowd, “If you feel like I feel, that this isn’t right…” and I should note, his speech comes only after addressing that if anyone in the crowd agrees with all that is happening, then that’s alright, too. More power to you, he says, “You have as much right as the rest of us…” but he encourages that those who disagree, this is our time to do something. “I’m at as much a loss as everyone else on how we do this. Let’s talk. Let’s start something.” He relates the changes we’re going through now to the changes in the music scene with Dashboard Confessional first began. Build something, he emphasizes, not unlike how this music scene was built by the acceptance of everyone…for who and what we are. 

“If you want change, you have to fight for it.”

Carrabba’s sentiment echoes throughout the venue as they play a new track titled, “We Fight.” The high energy, empowering, hopeful song seems to end a ‘chapter’ in Dashboard’s set as the lights dim and the band leaves Chris to stand center stage. 

Real Dashboard! A fan screams, and you can hear Chris’ laughter through the microphone. “Don’t scream out real Dashboard just because I picked up an acoustic guitar… that’s fucked up. My band mates are just as important!” Carrabba’s playful demeanor causes an uproar with the crowd, who laugh and cheer. Despite the fact, he admits, sometimes he likes the old stuff better, too. “Let’s play something real old…” he prepares us as Chris begins “Age Six Racer” off of their debut release The Swiss Army Romance back in 2000. 

The stage looks like a beautiful sunset, purples, pinks, reds and blues surround Carrabba as he takes us through some of the best Dashboard hits, all the while acoustic and alone on stage. His vocals shake the sold out venue, age has done nothing but continue his impressive range. “How about we stick with that era?” Carrabba muses, hesitant for just a second, as though waiting for permission from the lulled over crowd. 

He performs the title track to both The Places You’ve Come To Fear The Most and The Swiss Army Romance, stopping mid-song, again, laughing uncontrollably. “Why are you flipping me off?” he addresses a fan in the crowd, “It’s okay. We’ll figure it out later,” he teases, picking back up without missing a beat. 

Fast forward and Carrabba performs a song we first got a taste of last year…when the band headlined the Taste Of Chaos tour. The track titled “Heart Beat Here” is just as beautiful as we remember, the love song complete with such beautiful tones… this was the highlight of Carrabba’s talent for us — he held his notes with such impressive clarity as the crowd chimed in with the words chanted pre-song. It’s a beautiful, touching moment and it leaves us aching for new music from the band we’ve grown with, we’ve loved with, we’ve had our hearts broken with…Dashboard has been there for us through it all. It only makes sense that through our adulthood, they’re just as present. 

The band then joins Carrabba back on stage (who has his acoustic held high overhead, in all his infinite, beautiful, celebratory glory) and he takes the time to introduce each of his friends, bandmates, brothers. Bassist Scott Schoenbeck, who has been with the band since the beginning. “Have any of you seen us before? I fucking swear this is the same dude. I don’t know what’s happened…but it’s glorious.” he describes his friend, before talking about guitarist AJ Cheek’s upcoming solo release and praising percussionist Ben Homola, who Carrabba proudly boasts, “this guy…we’ve been in several bands together. We’ve also…we’ve been in love. All I know about Ben is that he’s secretly been in every band you’ve ever loved…and what? He’s in Dashboard, too!?”

After taking the time to praise each of his bandmates, he addresses the crowd yet again, “Don’t be shy!” he yells, feeding off the energy of the crowd, “We still have a bit of show left.” The band performs “The Best Deceptions” which is sung so loudly, Carrabba stops several times, beaming as he allows the crowd to carry the vocals. “Again I Go Unnoticed” follows, and the reaction is the same. Several times throughout the show, Carrabba doesn’t bother with his microphone, no. He’s hunched over the crowd, guitar held out, screaming the words to fans who are singing so loudly you hardly miss the vocals through the speakers. 

“Let’s sing this one together.”

It’s all the introduction “Screaming Infidelities” needs. A song adored by many, the star of every early 2000 emo mixtape. We can feel the show is coming to an end, and it’s bittersweet. “You guys have been amazing,” Carrabba expresses his gratitude. And in all his humble glory, he adds, “I hope you’ll invite us back some day” before cutting straight into “Vindicated.”

There is a short tease…the band exits stage right, but we know this can’t be the end. With just enough time for a breather, Dashboard takes the stage for ten more beautiful minutes…

“I’m Chris,” Carrabba says as he slings his guitar back over his shoulder, “…along with you,” he points towards the crowd, “…We are Dashboard.” The sentiment is beautiful, treating the massive crowd as though each and every one of us truly mean something, a message continually repeated throughout the night. 

“This song is about the best day of my life. I hope you’ve had one tonight.” 

The show ends with the band’s performance of “Hands Down,” the song which has only matured since it’s release. It is a powerful three minutes, as Dashboard adds a twist to the song, adding a guitar solo and the words, “I still know that you meant it” which only serves to remind us that even though we have all grown up…it has been together. Through this music. We have all been connected. No matter the many years that have passed since this song’s release in 2003. We were all much younger then…and the song may have meant one thing, and today it means something else entirely. The power behind the song, the memories created, the lyrics embedded in our minds, the shameless cry out of ‘my hopes are so high…’ and ‘so we can get some.’ That is something that will never change. Something that cannot fade away. As well as the influence we’ve all felt from Dashboard Confessional as they’ve been there through some of the most significant milestones of our lives. 

And as we leave the venue back into the rainy San Francisco streets, it isn’t so much a goodbye, but a “we’ll be seeing you.” I, for one, cannot wait for their next album and, fingers crossed, in another ten years I hope to have the opportunity to join Dashboard for another sold out show, screaming along to every line through the band’s amazing catalogue of all these beautiful, emo songs. 

Check out our full photo gallery here. 


The Good Fight

Saints and Sailors

The Sharp Hint Of New Tears

Get Me Right

Several Ways To Die Trying 


We Fight


Age Six Racer

Scraping Up The Pieces

The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most

Ghost Of A Good Thing

The Swiss Army Romance

Heart Beat Here 


The Best Deceptions

Again I Go Unnoticed

As Lovers Go

Screaming Infidelities



Hands Down 



Dashboard Confessional

Vinyl Theatre

This Wild Life

Taste Of Chaos

The Used, Jimmy Eat World, Dashboard Confessional, Thrice, The All-American Rejects and more come together for one night to relive the glory days of pop-punk! 

The early 2000’s come to life as the very legends who help build the structural bases for pop-punk/alternative rock as we know it today return for one night. The Used, Jimmy Eat World, Dashboard Confessional, The All-American Rejects and more prove they still have what it takes.