Currents debut The Place I Feel Safest with perfect timing

Timing is everything for the Currents’ upcoming debut full-length album The Place I Feel Safest set to be released June 16th. Originally formed in 2011, the band has worked on finding their identity and sound. During the band’s time together they have previously released 2 EP’s with their former singer. With changes in their lineup (adding new vocalist Brian Wille), and label (SharpTone Records) the guys hit the studio to birth the phenomenal album The Place I Feel Safest.  The band spent two years laying down instrumentals and incorporating Brian’s lyrics.

It’s definitely dark lyrically. Although some of the leads and drums might make it more upbeat. Over all the album is about Brian’s thoughts and fighting his demons. We left all the vocals up to him so he could have full creative control. It turned out awesome and we are super proud of it.

— Jeff Brown (drummer)

Currents are entirely dedicated and passionate about their debut and it shows in the entire album. The album is cohesive and narrates the internal struggles Brian depicts as he fights his demons, especially in songs such powerful tracks as “Forget Me,” “Dreamer,” and “I’m Not Waiting” which are hands down my favorite tracks. Their strategic and impeccable sense of timing in not only the pacing of their track but the construction of the entire album, has resulted in a prime example of the bands cohesiveness. 

We waited and passed on many offers before talking with Shawn (Keith) and Sal (Torres) at SharpTone. These two guys have a genuine love and passion for music. That then translated to our band and we could tell that they were in this for the long hall. The relationship has been nothing short of amazing and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

— Jeff Brown (drummer)

I’m definitely excited to see what’s in store this year for Currents. You can check out their singles on Spotify and watch their music video for “Night Terrors” now before their debut drops June 16th. Share with us what your favorite tracks are!